Mini-Tournament Madness


THE PARK IS A NO CONTACT ZONE!!! No slide tackling, body checking, etc... 

- turf shoes ARE PREFERRED and shin guards ARE REQUIRED


Who will be the crowned Queens or Kings of the court? Let’s turn the pitches over to the kids for the night and find out.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your player(s) online.
  2. Arrive at 4:30pm to check-in with The Park Rangers.
  3. Identify your parent coach for the evening.
  4. Park Rangers will create as many 5v5 teams as possible (8 player max) alongside friends.
  5. Game schedule is set for the evening.
  6. Each player will receive a bib for the tournament duration and return it at the end of the night.
  7. Games kick-off at 5:00PM. 
  8. Teams play 15-minute matches (7 minute halves) 
  9. The team with the best record at the end of the night takes home the weekly mini-tournament prize.
  10. The Champions of the Week* photo will reside on The Park website until they are dethroned.
  11. Turf shoes are recommended, shin guards required.
  12. Play with your siblings and friends and have a little fun!




*** Please Note: Once you login, the Dashboard will appear. Click the hamburger on the upper left of the page next to The Park logo. Select Drop-in Events, and the Thursday you'd like to attend a Mini-Tournament. Follow the onscreen prompts from there.***


Check in, join a team, and play

The magic of pick up soccer, but better! Organized mini-tournaments.

  • Fast- paced
  • Limitless goal scoring opportunities
  • Music
  • Officials 
  • Play at least three different teams in one mini-tournament (depending on the amount of teams)
  • More fun (and cheaper than the gym)
  • Maximizes participation numbers
  • Allows for an unrivaled urban soccer environment
  • Encourages new players to join at anytime
  • Provides a social and cultural experience
  • Make new friends!

The Park is a club neutral environment so come play today. Tournaments start soon! Questions, email us at or call (669)235-7605.